The 16th Meeting of the Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing’s Committee

The 16th Meeting of the Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing’s Committee

18 August 2015, 1330 hr

RTN HQ (Wang Nanta U-tayan)


The meeting was presided by Admiral Kraisorn Chansuvanich, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy as Commander of CCCIF.  The meeting today was to follow up the progress of solving the Illegal fishing problem.  The participants included the naval senior commanders, Director General of Department of Fisheries (DOF), senior officials, units commanders, representatives of related departments, fishing industries, artisanal fishing groups and environmental activists.


Agenda of the Meeting:

1. The Marine Department (MD) reported on the revocation of 11,700 fishing vessels’ (FVs) registration, of which the owner of FVs were not reporting to the Port-In Port-Out Controlling Centers (PIPO Center) during the National FVs Survey, ended on the 31st of July 2015.  These revocations were carried out in order to prevent new or duplicated or false FVs registration.  The meeting concluded that the CCCIF Legal Office is to consider the legal aspect of legislating the revocation of FVs registration.

2. DOF reported the progress of the following:

2.1 Matter related to Illegal Fishing in area outside Thai waters.  DOF was to clarify and warn the FVs’ owners/operators, which were installed with the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), and illegally fished outside Thai waters, as DOF has detected the illegal activities through monitoring of VMS picture.

2.2 Fishing Days Scheme.  In order to reduce the fishing effort of trawl and surrounding nets (highly effective fishing gears), DOF was to report on the proposed Fishing Days Scheme for these two gears to operate in Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.  The meeting agreed with the proposal and will legislate the scheme to be effective from the 1st of September 2015.

2.3 Other Flagged FVs to Land their Catch in Thai Ports.  The meeting agreed that the DOF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to circulate a clarification letter, to neighboring countries, explaining the regulations and procedures of landing and selling their catches in Thai ports.

3. MOFA reported information of the Fishing Days Scheme, aimed to reduce the fishing effort, to the Thai Permanent Delegation to the European Union (EU), Brussels, Belgium, for negotiating with the EU, promoting Thai effort in combating illegal fishing to EU and other countries, and gathering their opinions.

4. The Working Groups of CCCIF were to report on its progress.

4.1 The CCCIF Legal Office

4.2 The Working Group for Marine Fisheries Management Policy (FMP)

4.3 The Working Group for Nations Plan of Action to Prevent, Deter, and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing (NPOA-IUU)

4.4 The Working Group for National Plan of Control and Inspection

4.5 The Working Group for Traceability System

4.6 The Working Group for VMS

4.7 The Working Group for Combating Forced Labour in Fishing Vessels

4.8 The CCCIF Public Relation Office


The Resolution of the Meeting

1. Preparation of CCCIF Documentations.  All documentations, produced by the working group, and CCCIF offices, which are to be presented to the EU, shall be completely and harmoniously prepare.  Through, the Working Group secretariats shall coordinate and integrate their plans, for coherency before submitting in due date

2. Legislation of the Fishing Zone.  CCCIF Legal Office is to legislate the Fishing Zone. 

2.1 The Coastal Fishing Zone (for only artisanal FVs to operate) in the Gulf of Thailand was defined from the shoreline Mean Low Water (MLW) to 6 nautical miles (NM), and from the island MLW to 1.62 NM, excluding the big islands.  The Coastal Fishing Zone of Goot Island, Chang Island, SriChang Island, Pangan Island, and Samui Island was defined from the islands MLW to 3 NM.

2.2 The Coastal Fishing Zone (for only artisanal FVs to operate) in the Andaman Sea was defined from the shoreline MLW to 3 NM, and from island MLW to 1.62 NM.

3. Legislation of the Fishing Days Scheme.  CCCIF Legal Office is to legislate the Fishing Days Scheme, to be initially effective from September – November 2015.  The result of the initial scheme shall be analyzed and the subsequent scheme shall be adapted accordingly.

3.1 FVs licensed with surrounding nets (except the anchovy purse seine) in the Gulf of Thailand are not to operate during 1 – 3, 11 – 13, and 21 – 23 of every month (total 9 days).

3.2 FVs licensed with surrounding nets in the Andaman Sea, and FVs licensed with trawl nets in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea are not to operate during 1 – 3 and 11 – 12 of every month (total 5 days).

4. To Increase Penalty and Punishment to Foreign FVs Illegally Operated in Thai Waters.  CCCIF Legal Office is to legislate the increase the penalty and punishment to foreign FVs illegally operated in Thai waters.

5. Matter Related to the Forbidding the Modification of FVs.  As the result of the Legislation Order of National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), No.24/2015, dated 6 August 2015, the MD Registrars are to stop new FVs registration of all sizes and all types, and to forbid the changing over of ship registration to fishing purpose.  MD reported that the new registration ban may include the ban on changing information of FVs registration i.e. increase or reduce size of hull displacement etc.  The meeting concluded that the amendment of the legitimate FVs information could be carried out, if it is deemed necessary and appropriate by jointed consideration of DOF, MD, and PIPO Center, under Thailand Maritime Enforcement Coordinating Center (THAI-MECC).

6. Coordination of Plans.  All Working Groups are to use suggestions and considerations of the Working Group for NPOA-IUU to harmoniously coordinate their documentations.

7. Empowering the Ports/Fishing Piers to Issue the Catch Certificate and Movement Document.  The CCCIF Legal Office is to consider the Working Group for Traceability System’s suggestion; which is to empower the ports/fishing piers for issuing the Catch Certificate and Movement Document, to be included in the new Fisheries Bill.

8. Inclusion of the Inspection Information of the Food Processing Manufacturers in Traceability System Document.  The Working Group for Traceability System shall include the inspection information of the food processing manufacturers in Traceability System Document.

9. Force Labour in Fishing Vessels.  The Working Group for Combating Forced Labour in Fishing Vessels is to clarify in their document, that the plan is only concerned with solving the problem of forced labour in fishing vessels.

10. Operation and Budgetary Plan for the 2016 Financial Year (FY2016).  The CCCIF Secretariat Office shall coordinate with other CCCIF offices, working groups, committees, and related officials to prepare the FY2016 Operation and Budgetary Plan.

11. Issuing Fishing License to the FVs Registered Before the 31st of July 2015.  DOF is to issue the Fishing License to the FVs registered with the MD before the 31st of July 2015, for only uncontrolled fishing gears (excluding the license for trawls, surrounding nets, purse seine, and anchovy net).

12. Standardization of Gear and Fishing Method; Krill Lift Net. The CCCIF Legal Office is to legislate the standard of gear and fishing method for krill lift net, as proposed by DOF.

13. Facilitation of Fishing Labour.  The CCCIF Secretariat Office is to coordinate with DOF and the Conscript Occupational Committee of the Royal Thai Navy, for recruiting the decommissioned seamen to work in Thai fishing vessel with the wager of 15,000 Bath per month.


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