Information for travelers regarding Thai custom law (As of June 2009)

1.  Thai custom law (Tobacco Act B.E.2509 (1966)) prohibits any person entering Thailand to bring in more than 500 grams or 200 cigarettes (1 carton) per person. Violators would be subjected to fines of 467.5 baht per pack (if the cigarettes are for personal consumption) and 701.25 baht per pack (if the cigarettes are for commercial purpose). Travelers can dispose the excess cigarettes in a box placed at the green channel (nothing to declare) before entering the custom check point. Violators will be penalized with a fine and confiscation of the excess cigarettes.
2. For group travelers, it is recommended that each traveler carry their own cigarettes. Cigarettes should not be brought in by any one person of the group as the custom officials will enforce the law on those carrying the volume exceeding maximum quota.
3.  Thai custom law covers all persons entering the Kingdom regardless of their purposes (whether for transit or entering the Kingdom). The law covers all cigarettes regardless of their origin of purchase.
4. Travelers entering Thailand are allowed to bring in a maximum of 1 liter of liquor per person.

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